A brief roundup of digital color trends for 2017

So, so many mentions of digital color trends for 2017. All same but different, and I think I’ve read through most.

Here’s a roundup of what I feel is worth passing on to you, dear reader.

Let’s start from the top. Pantone is the foremost authority on color. A veritable color god, if you will. They set the standard for anyone who works with color. And their pick for 2017’s color of the year is Greenery – that’s PANTONE 15-0343 in swatch terms, and rgb(136, 176, 75) or #88B04B if you spend an inordinate amount of time working with stylesheets.

Expect to see a lot of color choices emanating from this lovely shade of green.

Back here in the digital space, more and more builders are turning to Google’s Material Design for color guidance. Although Google believes that “there are no wrong colors. What matters is how you use them,” they’ve been going with a bright and bold color scheme, and so have others.

I’m not saying that the others followed Google’s lead… you know what I mean.

Here are two more digital color trends to consider:

Vivid gradients
An attempt to escape flatland, for sure. There was nothing wrong with flat design — it satisfied a need for super functional and efficient experiences. But it’s been around since 2013 (practically ancient in digital years). So it was time for a change.

If the idea of implementing a gradient makes you nervous, here’s a gradient library that might help.

Duotone images
For the purposes of this post, a duotone is one image consisting of two colors. Duotones have been around for a long time in the print world, but thanks to some trendsetters (looking at you, Spotify), it’s making a presence in digital. Personally, I loved working with duotones during my print days, and I’m really happy to see it being used more and more in web and mobile applications.

If you don’t have access to Photoshop, here’s an online tool that promises to convert your full color images to duotone, along with a jQuery plugin that will do the same. I have not tried either one, so please don’t be mad at me if it doesn’t work out. And definitely ping me at studio (at) ksd-creative (dot) com so I can edit this info.

But remember this kids, your color choices won’t mean anything if your UX isn’t on point. So empathy first, everything else next.

See? I told ya it would be brief.