Back-end Smarts

“I have such a hard time talking to back-end developers. They don’t value design,” said just about every person I’ve ever spoken to that’s not a back-end dev.

I always refute with the fact that most back-end devs value design, they really do. The thing is, their workflow isn’t wired to focus on design, they’re wired to make sure everything works.

If you’ve ever studied back-end, then you know how daunting that can be – writing server side logic, implementing security and protection features, managing multiple data sources and databases. Some even have to deal with load balancers and scale outs in order to accommodate more users and spikes in traffic (though that should really fall under DevOps, but that’s another story for another day). They’re the ones who make your app smart. They’re the ones who make sure you see what you want to see when you want to see it. Because a great user experience also includes a rock solid back-end that works.

If that didn’t convince you, then think of it this way: How angry would you be if your recent transactions didn’t show up after you logged into your bank account? Or if you didn’t receive a confirmation email after you made an online purchase?

See what I mean? :)

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