Do You Need an About Page?

ksd. blog | Do You Need an About Page? | photo: Patrick Tomasso

Like, do you really need an About Page?

The tl;dr –
Yeah you do.

Let me explain –
Once in a while, someone will ask about About Pages. Specifically, whether or not you need one.

And I always pass along the same advice I received during my UX training:

About Pages are like pillows and blankets on a plane. You usually don’t need ’em, but the day you do and they don’t have ‘em, snap!

Same goes for other seemingly inconsequential items like phone numbers and contact forms. List your phone number and put up a contact form. Period, the end.

Alright, back to About Pages.

Talk about you, focus on them

There’s A LOT of advice out there on about copy. None of which has resonated with me, or proven effective for that matter. Though I will say that it helps to be casual and transparent. And, obviously, make your copy and content structure more about your users, and less about you.

In other words, talk about you, but in a way that focuses on them.

Imagine running into your ideal user or client at a coffee shop, and you both start chatting about your product or service. What questions would they ask? How would you answer them? And in what order?

Make sense?

Again, put the focus on them, and don’t forget to add that photo of you and your team. You look great ;)

Until next time,