Overcoming UX Shame

ksd. blog | Overcoming UX Shame | image via LumberRoomI know there are folks out there who would rather chew on broken glass than talk to me about their User Experience, no matter how much they want to work with me.

I get it. UX shame is a tough place to be. If you’ve been feeling this way, and can’t move forward because of it, deep breath.

Now, I won’t relive any mistakes, or talk about how you could’ve prevented it. Truth be told, it comes with the territory.

And if I can be brutally honest with you, those feelings of embarrassment and shame around your UX, back-end, front-end, whatever, never really go away. Something will always bother you. Certain things will never sit right with you. There’s always, always, always something to fix.

Hopefully, that’s enough to set your mind at rest.

If not, then allow me to introduce The Broken Window Theory in Product Design and Development.

Simply put, by taking care of the seemingly small and unimportant tasks, you provide a positive push of motivation to make good design decisions again.

In other words, fixing the little things (like inconsistent form inputs, loose lines of code, and cumbersome friction points) can dissolve vast amounts of UX shame, and provide a much needed surge.

And it’s not just for digital products. You can apply this theory anywhere — your info website, email templates, social media, all of it.

It’s like that button that you need to sew back on. But you keep putting it off. And it keeps bugging you. And bugging you. And bugging you. Then you finally get to it and feel 10,000 times better!

Except you not only feel better, you naturally move on to bigger and better things.

So if you find yourself stuck in UX shame, give The Broken Window Theory a go. Fix all the little things, and let me know how you get on.

Hey, if it worked for me, I’m pretty sure it’ll work for you ;)

Until next time,


image via The Lumber Room