Our Design Process

see if we can work together + explore next steps

Every project and engagement begins with a call.

If this is your first conversation with us, or it’s been a while, we promise not to bite ;) And actually, it’s not we. You’ll speak with our founder + designer-in-chief.

Your call will have some structure and scripting to it, and last approximately 60 minutes. It’s designed to help our founder understand what you’re going through, see if we can work together, and explore what’s next. You do most of the talking. She does most of the listening. Think of it as an in-depth, coffee shop like conversation with a trusted ally. No right. No wrong. Let’s see if everyone jibes.

Go deep + get clear

We’ll do whatever needs to be done to fully wrap our heads around the problem. What’s really going on here? Why are you struggling? Is there something missing?

We’ll run through your user flows with a fine-tooth comb. We’ll dissect your work on user empathy. We’ll peep inside your design libraries. We’ll ponder your toolkits. We may even look at your workflow. If possible, we’ll interview your stakeholders, other team members and users.

How and what we look at all depends on where you are and what you’ve got.

Whiteboarding usually begins here. Lightbulb moments and paradigm shifts are common.

Create a customized plan

We’ll look at our findings from the deep dive and make some recommendations. Together, we’ll craft a way to ease your struggles and get your UX back on track. It may or may not involve two week sprint cycles and continuous feedback loops. We may or may not insist on holding the design + development reins. And we may or may not recommend working with your legacy code and user research.

It all depends. We won’t know for sure until we get there.

One thing we can say is that the approach will be open, adaptable and tailored specifically for you.

Design + learn, build + learn, repeat

Again, we can’t say what, exactly, will transpire for your project during this phase, but it will involve some or all of the UX/UI, IA and development goodness you know about: maps, personas, stories, flows, wireframes. style tiles, prototypes, feedback loops, staging, testing, QA… We may even put you through a workshop or two. We may also work with your in-house team, or we may insist on doing most or all of the work for you.

It’s all about doing what needs to be done to achieve the best experience possible.

Typically, we solve problems and seize opportunities in an agile fashion. However, if you’re completely new to user-centered design, agile development or even lean startup methodologies, or your leadership is not on board with this way of working, then we may recommend an entirely different approach.

adjust, adapt, and go back

If you work with us for more than 2–3 months in an agile fashion, we will loop through steps 2–4 until all of the work is complete. However, we may only need to loop through steps 3–4. Or just step 4.

Before the loop back, we’ll perform a retro on what’s transpired so far, adjust, and adapt for the next work cycle.

That’s not to say that we won’t make adjustments along the way. We just like to have a step dedicated to this in order to make sure that we’ve made the appropriate improvements, and create the right documentation for future reference.

Some clients tackle this step on their own. And that might be the case for you. We’ll feel it out and know when we get there.