Reframing product roadmaps

So, when was the last time you delivered on time, per the dates on your product roadmap?

I know, me neither.

And how often do you beat yourself up for not meeting those predetermined deadlines, or not making good on some ideas at all?

Yeah, me too.

Turns out SAVO Sales Enablement Software felt the same way, and shared a different take on product roadmapping during last month’s ITA Tech Talk:

Instead of product roadmaps, create opportunity roadmaps that focus on solving problems.

You’re not eliminating dates. (Higher ups always want to know when things will get done, right?) You’re simply placing more attention on desired outcomes, as opposed cranking out this functionality and that functionality by such and such day.

For you builders out there, you can replace the word “roadmap” with “backlog”.

The nice thing about this approach is that your roadmaps become less about stakeholder ideas, and more about user need. Less about deliverables, and more about bumping up KPI’s and ROI.

Perhaps the greatest advantage is that it gives you a chance to analyze whether a proposed solution will truly solve an existing problem. (It’s not uncommon for initial attempts to fall flat, yet the problems remain.)

Something to think about as you create your roadmaps this month.

image: Sharon Mollerus via Visual Hunt / CC BY 2.0.