Our Services

UX Intensive (one day)

Our UX Intensive is designed to help you quickly get unstuck by taking you through steps 2 and 3 of our design process, plus additional guidance, in a day. We’ll hone in on your user experience, identify the sticking points, and come up with a plan to turn it around. If there’s time, we’ll also review and make recommendations regarding your workflow. It’s like a hyper-focused one day consult that’s part design review, part brainstorming and planning session, and part workshop.

And you can take what you’ve learned from the experience and apply it to future work cycles.

The UX Intensive is useful if you and your team

  • are capable of executing ideas and recommendations on your own
  • have the in-house resources to support your product’s evolution and growth
  • prefer a one off approach

We can deliver the UX Intensive virtually or in-person. It can also be shortened to a half day.

UX Project

This resembles the traditional design studio / client engagement. We work with you and your organization to take your UX project from beginning to end and everything in between. We begin with a kickoff session, then take you through our entire design process for as many rounds as needed until the work is complete. We may take you through several workshops and intensives if we feel it’s necessary.

It’s a hands on approach designed to ensure that everything’s done right.

The UX Project is useful if you and your team

  • cannot dedicate the resources to implement and execute on your own
  • want to work at a much deeper and higher level with us
  • prefer the agency treatment

UX Mentoring

For those who want to simply receive guidance over time. We designed the UX Mentoring program take you through our entire design process, but in a way that lets you do the work. Think of it as a coaching relationship — we advise, you and your team move forward and transcend.

UX Mentoring is useful if you and your team

  • are capable of executing ideas and recommendations on your own
  • need to be careful with your design budget
  • prefer to consult with someone on an ongoing basis