Summer sun and my newest offering

ksd. | Summer fun and my newest offering
Since my last update, I’ve been hard at work on my newest offering.

“Hard at work”… No, that’s not right. I admit, I have my share of challenges, but my work isn’t back breaking. It’s not like I’m staying up all hours, beating laundry against a rock.

Okay, work has been intense, in a good way — full of sketches and brainstorming, quick bursts of research into venues and online tools, and lots of creative juice. But none of that night owl stuff. No working weekends, either, unless I absolutely have to.

I’ve maintained my saner-than-sane schedule for about a year now.

Yeah, I read that article about the legend who lived in the Googleplex parking lot for just over a year. I get it. I’m dedicated. I used to be tethered to the office. I used to work like a dog, with mange. Then one day, I simply decided that I was done with all of that, and made way for an increase of summer sun, Netflix binges, and time with my Nephew #1. I even reignited my love for Legos LEGO®.

I’m more creative as a result. Pretty cool, though not surprising (you know what they say about down time and creativity). I’m also more productive. Like, crazy productive. I’m amazed at how much I can accomplish in less time.

And yes. Happier. More relaxed. All shades of awesome.

You’re enjoying your summer, too? That paddle board is calling your name ;)

To your digital success,