The Beauty of Analytics

The Beauty of Analytics
So you wrote your user stories. You sorted those stories. You categorized them, prioritized them and assigned points to each of them. You even split them off into tabs so you’re not engulfed by them. That’s how organized you are!

Unfortunately, the next development sprint is approaching fast. It’s only two weeks long. And there’s only so much time, money and love to go around.

What do you do? What’s next?

Enter analytics.

I know, I know. I loathe analytics as much as you do, but here’s the thing: when it comes to user behavior, data does not lie.

For example, let’s say you have a set of user stories regarding the user dashboard, and another set for entering expenditures. Logic tells you to focus on the dashboard, because that’s what everyone sees after they log in. However, your analytics reveal that your users spend a lot of time entering expenditures. Guess what you’re working on next?

Or, let’s say you received some customer feedback regarding private screen sharing, but it’s vague, and doesn’t explain why your users are struggling with this feature. By going to back to your exceptions log, you can see where your users are struggling, and perhaps gain valuable insight into possible improvements.

Make sense?

And you thought this article would be so overwhelmingly left-brained ;)

To your digital success,

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Today’s latte, Google Analytics by Yuko Honda. Used with permission under a Creative Commons license.