The Best Place for your Call to Action

The best place for your call to action

No, above the fold isn’t the best answer. Not really.

Before I go further, I must add that I’m talking strictly desktop web here. And yeah, you read that first sentence correctly. Above the fold is not really the best answer. As a matter of fact, the fold has nothing to do with it.

According to Bnonn of KISSmetrics, studies have shown that when it comes to increasing conversion rates, what matters most is having a call to action that immediately follows compelling copy. Or below really good copy.

Which means your call to action will depend on how motivated your prospects are. Presold prospects are ready to buy, so serve up your call to action immediately (toward the top). Uncertain prospects will need more information from you, and are willing to read a good amount of clear, well written copy to get there.

Have you ever read those long sales pages that you have to keep scrolling to read? Where the call to action button doesn’t appear until after your second or third scroll? It’s kinda like that.

So when it comes to increasing conversion, remember this: clear, compelling copy, THEN call to action.

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