From the archives: the customer journey map

Another cool tool that’s making an impact is the customer journey map.

Think of it as a deep dive version of an empathy map. But unlike empathy maps, which synthesize an individual’s feelings and motivations in relation to your product or service, customer journey maps reveal the practical and emotional aspects along each touchpoint – from initial search to post-purchase interaction. It’s all about what your users are really going through along the way.

There’s no set form or format, but most have the look and feel of an infographic with analytical and anecdotal data. Marketers have been using them for years. And many UX-ers are jumping on board because they help identify breaks and pain points within flows, across devices and between channels. They also put the user front and center with other stakeholders and project team members.

Hmm. A tool that reveals specific pain points AND puts the user front and center during every decision-making process? Yes, please :)

Before you give me that are-you-seriously-giving-us-another-tool-to-try look, know that your customer journey map doesn’t have to illustrate the entire journey. You can break them up into segments. The most important thing is to create something that paints a clear picture for you.

Sound doable?

To your digital success,

Customer Journey Mapping (workshop) by Jenny Cham. Used with permission under a Creative Commons license.