Want to bring UX into your organization? Here’s one thing you must consider

I love UX. I can go on and on about it for days.

I’m not gonna lie, though, it can be a challenge – the greatest being what happens when you work to bring User Experience into your organization.

If you’ve been thinking about it. Here’s the one thing you must consider: it’s gonna take time.

I mean, you can start doing some User Experience something or other tomorrow. You can implement a small UX-related effort with your next project. But to confidently and consistently say that User Experience is a well funded, well supported practice within your organization… that, my friend, could take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years.

You could pull it off in a year, if you’re really good. Less if you’re with a digital startup.

But if you’re at a digital startup, UX should’ve been there since day one…

Anyway, if you’re someone who has trouble seeing things through over a one to two year stretch… (and, it’s okay if you’re that person)…  then I would pass this along to someone who’ll see it as a welcome challenge.

The reason it will take so long to pull it off? You’re essentially creating a paradigm shift within your organization. With that, comes reconfigured workflows, new team members, perhaps new org charts, and a new way of working that for some, will be hard to take.

Also, change. Which many don’t like, no matter how much they say they do.

I remember talking to a friend about her former employer. Their new-at-the-time CEO made it his mission to switch the company over to an agile workflow.

Trouble was, a lot of people didn’t like the change. A lot of people complained, and many left the organization as a result.

That’s an extreme example. But you may be up against it, too, or something like it.

Don’t be discouraged. Although bringing UX into your organization will take time, it will be worth your while. Your stats will prove it :)

Next week (ish), I’ll talk about what you can expect as you commence with said shift.

Until then,

photo: rawpixel