What should I design and build next?

You and your team members have so many amazing ideas for your product: predictive content, drag-and-drops, chat boxes, interactive timelines, SMS notifications, 1-click buying, voice recognition, adaptive learning…

It’s gonna be awesome!

Then reality sets in. You can’t possibly design, build and deploy all of those functionalities during the next work cycle. You might not even be able to execute half of an idea. Plus, are they really worth pursuing?

Hey, it happens to me. It happens to all of us.

There’s nothing wrong with an idea dump – it’s what awesomely awesome creative types do. The trick is knowing which to keep, which to toss and what to build next.

To figure out which ideas to keep, simply ask yourself:

1) Will this idea solve a user problem?
2) Will this idea satisfy a business need?

Now that you have your short(er) list, rank or weigh each idea according to the amount of work required and its overall value. There are seven ways to do this, the last time we checked. But regardless of which method you choose, you’re simply answering another three questions:

3. How valuable is this to the business?
4) How often will users use it?
5) How hard will it be to execute?

And if you’re lean, you’ll want to ask one final question:

6) What is the minimum amount of effort required to get this to market?

Your answers should give you a better understanding of what to tackle in the upcoming weeks.

Chin up, you got this!

image: DoNotLick via Visualhunt.com / CC BY 2.0