What to expect during discovery

ksd. blog | What to expect during discovery

New client engagements begin with a conversation in order to understand what’s happening, see if we can work together, and discern whether we can help. If we feel that we can, we’ll ask for some reading materials about your product and organization, along with a run-through of your technology.

By we, I mean me. Kitty, Founder and Chief UX-er/consultant person, here.

By discovery, within the context of this post, I mean the stuff that has to happen before we work together.

No one has ever admitted it, but I always sensed that our clients either dreaded our discovery process or were completely annoyed by it.

It’s daunting, I know. You have no idea what you’re getting into or how long it’ll take. Things might not work out. And your struggles will be put under a magnifying glass. There’s no getting around that.

For the record, discovery lasts about a month or two. (It can take less time, but with everyone’s schedules…) I only agree to discovery if I’m 75% certain that it will work out. And I need to hear about your pain points, but I will never use that information against you.

Sound fair so far?

The rest consists of conversations aimed at resolving barriers to entry, and making sure we’re on the same page with respect to timing, roles, responsibilities, deliverables, requirements, budget and billing. They can happen in-person, via video, over the phone, or any combination thereof. We might be able to handle it all in a meeting or two, but it’s more like 3-5.

Still feels daunting, I know. But as you can see, totally worth it.

Now you know what to expect during discovery. With us at least ;)

Until next time,

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