Why some people struggle with agile

Agile. Agile. Agile! Most of the people we come across want to go agile. And if they’re already agile, they want to be even more agile.

Some of them really struggle with it, though.

These are some smart, capable people. There’s no reason they can’t implement an agile approach, right?

Well… unfortunately, from what we’ve seen, those who struggle with agile do so for two reasons: a tendency toward perfectionism, and an insistence that things must be a certain way.

I can totally relate to this because in all honesty, I used to be this way. And some days I really have to keep it in check.

To refresh, agile is not a methodology, it’s a mindset. There are several prescribed ways to achieve an agile workflow. However, there’s no right or wrong. And what works for one may not work for you.

And yes, things can get messy in the beginning.

It’s possible to have several agile methods running at the same time within an organization. It’s also possible to have a half a method going. Some of our clients were agile for one project and waterfall the next. Or they said “to heck with the method, let’s be done.”

So successfully implementing an agile workflow is all about leveraging what you have, deciding what’s best for now, and adapting your process as you meet your milestones.

Eight methods at once… half a method at a time… switching halfway… it’s all good. Just go.

Until next time,

image: VFS Digital Design via VisualHunt / CC BY 2.0