Why UX?

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Why UX? Why is everyone talking about it? Why is it mentioned in every design meeting and job description? Why is upper management putting up such a fuss? Even the ones who don’t have a clue what UX really is?

Well, I can’t trace the actual path, but I can give my take on it — something I shared at last night’s SheSays Chicago: Who’s Your Momma Mentor Breakout Sessions…

UX, as a concept, can be traced back to the industrial revolution, when factory owners were obsessed with making their assembly lines easier to use and operate. This idea of improving usability in the workplace continued in the manufacturing space, and then seeped into tech when personal computing became a thing. Fast forward a little bit to 1995 — Don Norman, an engineer with Apple at the time, first coined the term “user experience,” and it’s been trending ever since.

Sometime between 2005–2010, things became much more competitive in the digital landscape. Some digital startups turned to user-centered design approaches to improve their products and gain more customers. AND IT WORKED! Others saw their success and said, ‘I want that. I want their ease. I want to create things that people will love and continue to pay for.’

Even non-digital companies became inspired. ‘I bet we can recreate something similar but in a non-digital way.’ Which is why UX can also be seen and felt in museums, shoe stores, everywhere.

UX is all around you, my friend :)

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image: Espen Klem via VisualHunt | CC BY 2.0