The difference between temperature & tint in Lightroom

Have you ever taken a photo that looked great in camera, then weird in Lightroom? And by weird, I mean “weird colors” weird. There are a couple of reasons why this happens, but for me, it always boiled down to an incorrect white balance setting on my camera. You know

A brief history of watermarks. And do you really need them in your photography?

Did you know watermarks can be traced to the Middle Ages? They began as metal wire patterns in paper molds – a technique implemented by Italian papermakers to prevent forgery. The first recorded use dates to 1282. Since then, over the next 400-or-so years, watermarks evolved into quality control emblems

Rock sea cliff, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland | © Kitty Singsuwan

The Difference Between Shadows, Midtones & Highlights in Photography

I’m embarrassed to say this, but I’ve been adjusting the shadows, midtones and highlights in my photos, not really knowing what those words mean. I know, shame on me. But there’s so much to photography, you know? Sometimes the only way to learn is to dive in and get messy.