Kitty Singsuwan

Hi, I’m Kitty.

I just love photography, don’t you?

I began my journey with a 100-day, iPhone photography project, and did so well that a friend urged me to buy a “real” camera.

It took me a while to choose my ecosystem. But once I did, there was no looking back.

Finding time to shoot & edit, though, has been tough. I’m too good at my day job, I guess 🙂

But I’m at a point where I want to dedicate more time to this and become a better photographer… to get to that place where I can run on instinct in the field… to master planning for the shot & shooting for the edit… to finally have an editing workflow that I can, well, edit with.

Ah, editing. It’s a sticking point.

So this space is a place where I can document what I’ve learned and share with you.

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