Kitty Singsuwan | Founder & UX-er at ksd.

Hi, I’m Kitty Singsuwan, a UX-er with a visual design, web design, and web development background. I work with digital product teams who want to

  • improve their user experiences
  • evolve from early stage to mature product
  • solve a UX challenge or two (or more)

I believe that User Experience, when done well, can transform lives.

My process is a unique-to-the-client blend of intuition and fundamentals. During our Long-Term Engagements, that begins with a deep dive assessment. If all goes well and according to plan, I’ll know what’s going on, what needs to be done, and how I can best fit into that process.

From there, I work with my clients to determine an ideal plan and strategy. And then we get to work. I help them reach their User Experience goals. And guide them through their improvements and transformations, without sacrifice. We make solid, steady progress, minus the wildly weird optimism.

As a result, my clients grow, inside and out. They improve their experiences. They put UX front and center. They’ve become better at translating feedback into opportunities. They make decisions that satisfy both user needs and business needs. Stronger workflows, better lines of communication, growth… all the UX goodness.

A few of my clients have experienced significant increases in sales and secured funding. But those kinds of results vary by team, and depend greatly on their efforts to make it real.

I also offer 1-Day UX Consults that are part design review, part mentoring, and part training. And 2-Hour UX Consults where I provide feedback and guidance around 1-3 User Experience challenges.

Feel free to ping me at +1 312.772.3962 or studio (at) ksd-creative (dot) com to learn more. I usually respond within 1 business day.