Kitty Singsuwan | Web Designer

Hi, I’m Kitty.

And I got your back.

So many marketers spend too much time on their websites (when they really shouldn’t) because the team’s swamped, deadline’s looming, and, well, who else is gonna do it?

Is that you?

If so, I can lighten your load.

I’m dependable.
I’m a quick study.
I’m a designer who knows code.

I design, code, and maintain high-end real estate websites. Such as custom property websites and property management portals.

I can improve your existing website. Expand on what you have. Or design something new from scratch. On my own or with your team.

Why luxury real estate?

When I first heard this question, I answered with, “I need to focus on a niche. Luxury real estate seemed like a good choice.”

Honestly, though, luxury real estate clicks. The strong lines and attention to detail match nicely with my aesthetic. And, quite frankly, I love it.

My work, works.

I began my career in graphic design. A few years later, my clients wanted web design. By 2008 it became the only thing they wanted (must’ve been my vibe). Then in 2012-2013, I studied User Experience and web development at a coding school in Chicago.

That means I know how to design goal-oriented websites that get results. And I do it through a work style that’s efficient and productive.

‘Cause, you know, I like calling it quits at 5, too.