Landscape Photography Workshops are Tough – Here’s How to Stay Organized & Ready

Dingle Peninsula | © Kitty Singsuwan

For me, landscape photography workshops are tough. It’s not the location, weather, or gear on my back…

It’s the schedule. Up early for sunrise at the morning location. Out at the next point-of-interest in the afternoon if the light’s right. Followed by golden hour, sunset, and maybe a late night session with the stars at the final spot of the day. Finally, the long drive back to the hotel, rinse, and repeat.

Though everything’s so beautiful, you turn a blind eye. You’ll sleep when you return home, right?

Given the limited downtime, along with a constant worry over getting the shot (you may never see these locations again), you do what you can to stay organized and ready.

I’ve learned a few tricks from other photographers, and came up with a few of my own. It all boils down to what you do when you return to your hotel room at the end of a long photography-filled day, whether you’re dog-tired or not.

So here’s what I do once I’m back at my hotel:

  1. Clean my lenses & camera bodies
  2. Transfer my photos to an external disk or cloud storage
  3. Empty my SD cards
  4. Recharge my devices & batteries
  5. Restock my bag with snacks

And I might do these things, if I’m still awake:

  1. Review my photos from the day
  2. Check my messages (hey, gotta stay connected)

There are also some items I always keep in my camera bag, and in the car, no matter what. Because hey, you never know. I’ll go over those in a future post.

Until next time,