The quickest way to correct white balance in Lightroom

Lone Tree| Alabama Hills, California | © Kitty Singsuwan

Before we start, I wanna say that I think the term “white balance” is confusing. “Color balance” makes more sense to me. So I’m gonna use those words instead 😉

Alright, now that you know the difference between temperature & tint in Lightroom, perhaps you’re still not sure how the colors should look in your photo, or you’re uncomfortable making manual adjustments to your temperature & tint sliders.

If that’s you, try this quick trick:

  1. In Lightroom, open your image in the Develop module.
  2. Click on the White Balance Selector tool, located in the upper left-hand corner of the Basic panel. 

  3. Then click on a neutral area in your photo… something like a white wall, gray card, or any other area that should be neutral in color.

  4. Lightroom will automatically adjust the white balance based what you clicked.

Can you believe I didn’t learn this trick until two months ago, after using Lightroom for two years? *shaking my head*

Alright, I’ve got some more photos to color correct. See you next time.

Until then,